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Vital statistics
Position Passenger tank engine
Age Died at age 59

Built in 1885

Arrived on Sodor 1889
Status Scrapped
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 55 tons 2 cwt (124,200 lb or 56.3 t)

Adam was the third and strongest engine on the former Wellsworth and Suddery Railway.


Adam and Lily arrived on the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway (later known as Tidmouth, Knapford and Suddery Railway) to work with Colin. When the North West Railway was formed in 1914, Adam mainly handled long passenger trains on the main line. In 1931, Adam, Clive, Colin and Edward were assigned to help with the expansion of Knapford Harbor. When Colin accidently knocked George into the sea, Adam attempted to stop the young steamroller and Colin fighting, but without success. However, in 1934, Adam, along with Colin, Lily, Roger and Clive were sent for scrap when the railway was facing financial difficulties. While Lily managed to escape, Adam and the rest were not so lucky and left in pieces.


Adam was the strongest engine on the former Wellsworth and Suddery railway. He is a useful engine, he wouldn't complain about freight work, but he can sometimes be arrogant. Adam also doesn't like to see his friends fighting against each other, and would attempt to stop it if he can.


Adam, as his name implies, is an Adams Radial Tank engine, his class was not built until 1882.


Adam is the traditional W&S burgundy with gold lining, gold dome, and "W&S" written on his tanks and the number 3 written on his bunker in gold.




Voice Actor


  • Adam's faces, as well as William's are based on Arthur's faces from The Thomas and Friends TV Series.
  • Wildnorwester made a later model of Adam in a SR Olive Green livery based on the Adam Radial Tank engine on the Bluebell Railway, Wildnorwester stated that is a different character altogether.


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