Bad Water Trilogy Trailer
Bad Water
Gordon arrives in the shed before Sir Topham Hatt I introduces him to the other engines.
Vital statistics
Participants ANB
Date Wednesday April 4th, 2012
Location Australia (main recording studio)

The Bad Water Trilogy Trailer is made of Hollywood style for the episodes of Bad Water, Suspicions and Bygones. The only two episodes seen in this trailer are both Suspicions and Bad Water but it also takes place in Season 3. The date is 1983 at the start with the final bits sixty years back on the NWR.


The words shown in yellow on a black background tells viewers of the Bad Water trilogy's working lines of "A 60 Year Old Feud..." and followed by "...Has Gone On Long Enough...". After James speaks out, the next line says "...But The Facts Must Be Examined..." followed by the ending of "...If It's To Be Ended". The talk starts off from Alice saying about both LNER engines arguing with each other and James says yes to her. James also said this had been ongoing before he arrived on the island. Edward doesn't know the other side of the story, but Sir Charles Topham Hatt said that both sides of the story are being looked into, but what they want to know are the facts.

In 1923, Gordon first arrives at the Old Tidmouth Sheds after being introduced by Sir Topham Hatt I before a visitor came to talk about an enquiry in Gordon's trial run and performance with Alfred saying he's the express engine and Gordon saying to Edward that he was quiet before Alfred told him off. The final two scenes show Alfred leaving Knapford with his goods train and Gordon ramming into the box on the tracks at Maron station. The trailer ends with the title Sodor: The Early Years and underneath it, the Bad Water trilogy.


Voice Cast

  • ANB as Alice
  • WildNorWester as James, Alfred, Gordon, Sir Topham Hatt I, Sir Charles Topham Hatt, Sir Nigel Gresley and Edward