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Vital statistics
Position Former No. 1 on the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway
Age Died at age 64

Built in 1870

Arrived on Sodor 1870
Status Scrapped
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Not classified
Weight Unknown

Colin is an engine that used to work on the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway.


Colin was the first engine on the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway (later known as the Tidmouth, Wellsworth and Suddery Railway) being built by Peckett & Sons in 1870. He helped build the line before Lily and Adam arrived. When the North West Railway was formed in 1914, Colin was assigned to shunting duties along with Roger from the Sodor & Mainland Railway. In 1923, when Henry got bricked up in the tunnel, Colin was sent to work on the Arlesburgh Branch (which Lily ran) as Lily was sent to cover Henry's main line trains. Colin managed to run the branch line well for the first week. Unfortunately, he overestimated himself one rainy day and took too many trucks, resulting in him crashing into some houses. In 1931, Colin, along with Adam, Clive, and Edward were assigned to help with the extension of Knapford Harbor, but he accidently pushed George into the sea the day after the young steamroller was brought in from Liverpool, causing George to hate railways.

Colin, Lily, Adam, Roger and Clive were sent for scrap when the railway was facing financial difficulties in 1934. While Lily managed to escape, Colin and the rest were left in pieces and later melted down.


Colin is a kind, hard-working engine, ready to lend a hand whenever needed. However, he has trouble knowing where his own limits lie, and had a tendency to be over-confident.


Colin was painted the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway's standerd burgundy livery with golden stripes and black wheels. He had W&S written on his cab and 1 written on his bunker in gold.


Colin is based off a Peckett class 1687 industrial tank engine, with an added fuel bunker at the rear of the cab.





  • Colin was originally called Peter, but was changed to Colin so WildNorWester could use the name for Peter, the heavy goods engine.
    • The name Colin was chosen as a nod towards Colin Mochrie, the Canadian actor/comedian.
  • Colin shares the same faces with Barry.

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