Vital statistics
Position Goods engine
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Working on the Other Railway
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes

D199 is a diesel locomotive who came to the Island of Sodor in 1967 with the returning character, Patrick (Bear/D7101 in the railway series) to help with goods and passenger work on the railway.


Prior to his trial with Patrick, D199 was being considered for a trial run on the Brendham Branch Line. However, upon speaking with the diesel and becoming aware of his snide and smug attitude, Sir Charles Topham Hatt instead chooses BoCo to complete the trial; much to D199's disdain.

At Tidmouth Sheds, he told Patrick that it was time for him to become a new leader of the NWR scrapping all steam locomotives and take over Sir Charles Topham Hatt's railway but Patrick told him to shush. The diesel said that steam engines spoil his image leaving James and Henry talking at him for being nasty. All diesels D199 said were reliable until he heard vulgar noises and was told by Patrick to shut him up. Henry saw D199 with a failed injector and the signalman called him Spamcan because he wails for a fitter. Henry later took both him and Patrick to Elsbridge where Gordon took Patrick's express and Donald the Scottish twin took D199's tankers.

The two diesels were sent to Crovan's Gate with Henry to be repaired for their injectors while the green tender engine had his regulator fixed due to jamming it. The Fat Controller sent D199 home in disgrace.


D199 is based on a British Rail Class 46, better known as a "Peak".


Voice Actor


WildNorWester used an old D199 model (a simple reskin from Sodor Workshops) when he appeared in Sodor: The Early Years, Super Rescue. However, when he was taking up model requests, he made a brand new model of him with a TVS-style face, as well as a Railway Series version.