Donald & Douglas
Vital statistics
Position NWR 9 and 10
Age 109 (as of 2018)

Built in 1909

Arrived on Sodor 1959
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight '45.65 long tons

Donald and Douglas are the Scottish twin engines who first came to the railway in 1959 to work on the NWR. They were brought in because the other engines on the main line were complaining about more passenger and goods work to be made by Sir Charles Topham Hatt.


In Limits, Donald had an accident by damaging his front buffer beam with the rear of the guard's van. In Tolerance, Douglas was tricked by Diesel to where his passenger coaches were. In The Missing Coach; they lost Thomas' Special Coach and played a trick on Sir Charles Topham Hatt. In Desperate Measures, Donald appeared without Douglas. In Great Western, they both said about Oliver's delay. In Super Rescue Donald only appears. In Identity, they were to destroy a snowdrift at Henry's Tunnel, and Snowstorm to which Identity had left off at Knapford station.

In Grand Opening, Donald was the victim of an accident by Mike and Douglas bringing passengers to the opening of the new railway. Donald was mended just in time to be taking passenger trains to the new railway. The other episode, Little Engines had them doing a cameo appearance in this second season episode of Sodor: The Early Years.

In Season 3, they were passing Edward and talking to him in Search Engines but also appeared in Bluebells & Batsmen, First Impressions, which Donald was in it, Gordon's Promise to which Douglas shut Diesel up, Escape which Douglas rescued Oliver and Christmas Delivery asking the Fat Controller who will run the NWR. By the fourth season, they were commended for taking an injured fisherman to Knapford which they were painted NWR blue afterwards. They were also the introductory of Decisions and Douglas the Brave which they escaped to the NWR from scrap.

By Season 5, Douglas spoke to Bert about the new container flatcars to carry heavy goods and Douglas overseeing Sheffield's rudeness including his secret. Donald spoke with Oliver in Darkest Hour and Douglas with Hugh against his company director for bullying him in Desperate Times. Douglas only appeared in two episodes of Sodor: The Modern Years. They were both Rough Start where he talks to Olivia about the passing of her old railway and Separation Anxiety where he says to Edward about an accident at The Container Yard involving both Bill and Ben.


Donald and Douglas are based on Caledonian Railway Class 812 engines built in 1909.



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  • In early episodes, SI3D 2006 models were used, as they were the best models available. In Season 3, WildNorWester created new models for them from scratch.