Railway Series Portrait
Vital statistics
Position Leader of The Little Western
Age 89 (as of 2018)

Built in March 31, 1929

Arrived on Sodor 1955
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Duck is a 57xx 0-6-0T, and No. 5741 of the Great Western Railway before joining the NWR in 1955. His former name was "Montague" and is painted green with a red buffer beam and footplate.


Duck told Patrick if he's able to pull the goods train which got a bit too heavy up Gordon's Hill. Then, he was cross with the other engines for the arrival of Diesel and some pleasure of his tricks at Tidmouth Sheds. He showed Donald and Douglas with handling coaches, and also the Troublesome Trucks. He fell out with Oliver over his delay at the sheds where Sir Charles Topham Hatt accidentally made an earlier mad stunt of Oliver's welcome to the railway. The GWR 14xx later made Duck think about his earlier delay and following Duck's accident with the Troublesome Trucks in Great Western.

He and Oliver did the mail run at night after James made his drawbar snap leaving Arlesburgh Shed not very happy. The mail run was later given to Oliver from Sir Charles Topham Hatt.

Duck was later with Diesel when Gordon was on a runaway (his crew were left at Knapford station) in Galloping Sausage. He was seen and told some cricketers what's wrong because they were chasing after Stepney in Bluebells & Batsmen. Duck later believed James' wrongdoing when Mike was angry with him in Useful Engines. He tried to scold Oliver when the GWR 14xx arrived late at Tidmouth Sheds in Christmas Delivery. In Rough Engines, Duck was mentioned not feeling very well and Donald filled him in on his passenger train.

The 57xxc 0-6-0T was later the primary target of Henry, James and Gordon over some nasty nicknames given from Diesel back in 1957 as said by the Troublesome Trucks. He appears in Little Western Legacy about Thomas' training on how to run a branch line and makes a cameo appearance with Oliver in the episode, Harvest Season. After appearing in the other episodes of Season 5 and Winds of Change, he spoke to Tornado at Knapford station about Gordon and the group of the crowd in the episode named Tornado. After this, he had two non-speaking roles in both The Missing Engine and Doncaster Drawn in stock footage. Two episodes later, he had cameo appearances in both Homecoming and Cold Reception.

During 2011, Duck had to take Donald's goods train after the Scottish Engine was nearly thrown off the quay by the trucks. The pannier notices more issues on the line including Oliver having a violent separation on his train. After some consideration and realising this situation felt like something from over fifty years ago, Duck seeks help from Diesel. The 08 explains to Duck exactly how he set the trucks up, and while Duck was at first uncomfortable, he had received useful advice. But, much to his surprise, Diesel wishes to take this further and use his old tricks on the trucks to stop them. Duck is sceptical at first, but accepts the help when he realises that not only would this seem like the best way to get the trucks to stop, but also Diesel wishes to really atone his mistakes. Duck goes to get the switch lists, but realises that Donald had beaten him to it and the info is rallied to Diesel ASAP. After all is back to normal, Duck takes Donald's train down to talk to Diesel, only to find he had gotten a new nameplate 'Damien'. Diesel makes a joke to Duck that the Fat Controller wanted to give him a green livery but he didn't think that would work. After another good laugh about Hopper 006 being a dumpster on rails, Duck and Diesel are finally able to put their first meeting behind them and are firm friends.



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  • Duck originally used the SI3D 2006 model, as it was the best available at the time. When SI3D 2009 released the new Duck model, the 2006 model was retired and replaced. The new model itself was replaced later on with WildNorWester's own model of Duck.
  • Duck received a brand-new model based on his RWS form in Season 1 of Sodor: The Modern Years by WildNorWester. The model was publicly released on March 16, 2014, and comes with a GWR version of Duck as well as a NWR variant with yellow cab window trimming and sandboxes.

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