Football Special
Football Special
Season Three, Episode Two
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Air date Saturday 14th January, 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Football Special is the second episode of Season 3, and the twentieth episode overall.


The Peel Godred Branch Line runs from Kildane to Peel Godred and ends at an aluminium plant just beyond the town. Two of the engines, Jeffery and Andy are having a conversation in the shed. Jeffery tells Andy that he has to take his goods train so he can take a football special to Kirk Machan. Andy wants to take the special, but Jeffery brings up an incident that happened the previous week with a leaky milk tanker. James soon arrives with the special from the main line, and Jeffery then takes the football fans to Kirk Machan.

Jeffrey passes Steve, who is concerned about Jeffery's transformer. The train arrives at Kirk Machan just as Culdee arrives. After the game, a 2-1 winner to the Sodor Strikers, the train is taken back to Kildane, but Jeffery's transformer fails and he stops in the middle of the line. His driver calls for help at Abbey station. Andy has to push Jeffery to the station where Henry is waiting to take the fans home, and after that Jeffery is sent to the works to be mended.