Gordon's Hill
Vital statistics
Type Hill
Level Tier Three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Between Wellsworth and Maron stations
Inhabitants Gordon
Alfred the B12

Gordon's Hill is the nickname for a hill between Wellsworth and Maron stations. It is classified in Sodor: The Early Years as a steep grade. It got its name in 1923 when Gordon stalled with a goods train on this hill, causing Edward to rescue him and reach the other side.


During the first series of Sodor: The Early Years, Patrick got stuck on this hill because the weight of his freight train was too heavy. His driver realized that they shouldn't take the Scottish twins' goods train in the first place. Donald and Douglas arrived to help out but deja vu struck when Donald broke his front buffer beam at the rear of the brake van. The guard wasn't hurt and Henry with a sudden shock was to get an emergency call at the next station before Donald was sent to be repaired. Patrick got reprimanded by Sir Charles Topham Hatt and sent Diesel to help out with the work. This was in episode two, Limits of series one.

Alfred once got stuck on the hill due to the milk tankers and the Flying Kipper. Diesel quickly helped with the situation before Gordon could come with the express and laugh at Alfred returning from Great Britain. It is assumed that Gordon didn't laugh and Alfred made it back to Barrow-in-Furness. Percy also got another incident this time a coupling broke away and the trucks went downhill but try to crash into Edward at Wellsworth. Alice's inspector jumped onboard the brake van and stopped the collision from happening. The guard was thrown off with a bump by them like Duck's incident back in 1957 trying to stop them.

On Peter's first day on the railway, there was a mix-up between his and James' trains. And when the latter came to the hill, he couldn't pull the long train over it. So James had to split the train into halves in order to get it over the hill.

When James and Tornado were double-heading a charity run, the former broke down near Killdane. Tornado ended up pulling the whole train by himself up the hill, even though it had been hard work for him. Gordon later told Tornado that he was impressed by his effort over the hill.