Henry's Tunnel
Sadstoryofhenry by wildnorwester-d8t359k
Vital statistics
Type Tunnel
Level Tier One
Opened 1915
Closed N/A
Location Near Ballahoo
Inhabitants Henry

Henry's Tunnel is the nickname given to a tunnel on The Main Line near Ballahoo. This is where Henry comes out of this tunnel during seasons one to three opening introduction with a goods train.


In Identity, Alfred got stuck in the snow. Henry wanted to find out who is the clumsy one but the B12's mouth couldn't speak nor open due to the snow in gibberish. Henry took the coaches out first and came back for Alfred pulling him out of the snowdrift. Alfred was praised by the Fat Controller for doing a grand job as he smiled. The Scottish twins later arrived to destroy the snowdrift at the tunnel but the Fat Controller stopped them because a branch line train is expected to come through to Knapford and it did. The Fat Controller was very pleased with the branch line engines' efforts belonging to both Thomas and Percy.

In the introductions, Henry now comes through the tunnel during seasons one, two and three with a goods train for the opening scene of Sodor: The Early Years. Engines now come through the tunnel such as Gordon or another engine on the main line run to Great Britain and it also made an appearance in The Lucky Ones where Barry mistaken a machine tool as the cutter's torch at this tunnel when he and James past some track work near it. Diesel was also there.

In Consequences, Henry refused to get out of this tunnel and Sir Topham Hatt I had him to not run any trains on The Main Line. Winston passed the tunnel with a goods train on the left side as Henry had been bricked up on the right side of the tunnel. This incident led to Colin's derailment at Haultraugh station by the Troublesome Trucks and crashing into a house. Lily rescued him afterwards with a rope tied to her front and Colin's back end. In The Thin Clergyman episode, Henry's Tunnel will be the key location for this episode. Like the Railway Series story Centenary, the tunnel had a collapse blocking all rail traffic to Great Britain after James carried the bust of The Thin Clergyman from the right side of the tunnel safe and sound.