Knapford Sheds
Vital statistics
Type Engine Sheds
Level Tier Two
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Knapford
Inhabitants Alice
Pip and Emma
Sheffield (Occasionally)

Knapford Sheds is the main engine shed for the North West Railway's engines after coming back from their work doing either passenger or freight services. Diesel, Patrick, Peter, Henry, James, Gordon, Alice, Bear, Pip, and Emma live here at the moment. Sheffield has been known to reside here on occasion.


Knapford Sheds has six berths, and in the middle there is a turntable. It has a tin roof. Tidmouth Sheds has been notable in some episodes like Tolerance where Diesel makes a standoff with the steam engines, Christmas Delivery where a special Christmas party had been set up there and The Fat Controller announces his retirement.

After season 5 of Sodor: The Early Years, the sheds were knocked down and rebuilt now with ten berths around the turntable. There are currently 8 engines living here. Nameplates of each engine were bolted above their berths. There are two unoccupied berths for if one of the other engines is needed to rest here for the night.

In Season 2 of Sodor: The Modern Years, a carriage shed was built next to the sheds to house Pip and Emma once they were added to the railway's roster.