Learning Curve
Learning Curve
Season Four, Episode Six
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Air date Saturday 10th November, 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Learning Curve is the sixth episode of Season 4, and the forty-second episode overall.


While James is in the works, he befriends Eric, the new steam engine scratch built at the works, to help run the Kirk Ronan Branch Line. The Fat Controller arrives and tells Eric that the branch is halfway complete, as far as Rolf's Castle. Eric asks if he'll be handling passengers, to which The Fat Controller tells him Toby will help him get started. Eric soon reaches the yard at Kellsthorpe Road where Toby is waiting. They introduce themselves and Toby offers a double header, to which Eric agrees.

They reach Rolf's Castle, and Eric sees the workmen and the tracks they are working on. He asks Toby if those tracks were the old ones, to which Toby replies with the dangers of going on them. On the journey back, Eric finds pulling passengers fairly easy, so for the next few days Eric handles passengers and Toby handles the goods. Three nights later, after Eric had arrived, both engines were in the sheds, and Toby compliments him, despite his mistakes. He then tells Eric that he can try and take trucks the next day. Eric is a little sceptical, but agrees.

The next day, Eric takes a supply train down to the work site. He thinks the trucks are behaving well, but just after Eric runs around his train at Rolf's Castle, the trucks pull hard and cause him to derail onto the old rails. Toby comes to help clear up the mess, and that night at the sheds, Eric asks Toby if he ever had any incidents. Toby explains that every engines does, and it's better to learn from them. The next day, Toby returns to Thomas' Branch Line, and Eric is left in charge of the branch line.



  • Railway Series references include; Toby's Tightrope.


  • A bicycle bell can be heard when Sir Stephen Topham Hatt finishes talking to James.
  • When the narrator says "One evening", a twitch is heard on the audio between that quote and "Three nights after Eric had arrived".


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