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Vital statistics
Position Working on Thomas' Branch Line
Age 129 (As of 2018)

Built in 1889

Arrived on Sodor 1889
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 48.40 long tons

Lily is a Victorian style engine who used to work on the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway. Nowadays, she is working on the Ffarquhar Branch Line.


Lily and Adam arrived on the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway (later known as the Tidmouth, Knapford and Suddery Railway) to work with Colin in the late 1880s. When the North West Railway was formed in 1914, Lily mainly handled the Arlesburgh Branch when it was built in 1916. In 1923, Lily was asked to cover for Henry on the main line when the big green engine was bricked up in the tunnel, and Colin took care of Lily's Branch Line. When Colin rammed some houses, Lily realized that if Henry hadn't indulged in the tunnel, she'd be on her own branch, and Colin would never had the accident, and her branch line wouldn't have to shut down for three days. This made her dislike Henry for the rest of her life. Some time later that year, Thomas came to work with Lily on her Branch Line in order to learn about branch line runnings. Lily was a good teacher; she encouraged Thomas not to lose confidence after a slight mistake, and congratulated the little blue tank engine when he rescued some fishermen.

In 1934, however, Lily, along with Colin, Adam, Roger and Clive were sold for scrap when the railway was facing finacial problems during The Great Depression. That was not the end of Lily, though. The Fat Director secretly funded 170 pounds for Lily's crew to buy her from the scrapyards. Once that was done, Lily snuck onto the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, to board the Errant Venture and shipped to the factory in Scotland where Neil worked, not knowing that she was heard by both Gordon at Kellsthorpe Road station and Brian in the Kirk Ronan dock shed. Sadly, the Errant Venture sank the day after it left Kirk Ronan Docks. The crew made it to the Isle Of Man, but all of the cargo was lost. Lily would spend the next 75 years underwater.

In 2009, when the railway was making a documentary about the engines on the website, clues indicated that Lily hadn’t been scrapped, and under the urge of Peter, Thomas started looking for clues about Lily’s fate with the engines who were on Sodor back in 1934. Finally, Gordon and Brian gave out what they'd seen and heard, leaving a dejected Thomas to believe Lily had rusted to death at the bottom of the sea.

His fortunes changed, though. When Lily's photo was put on the web, a diver recognized her from the ship's wreck, and sent Ms. Emily Helen Hatt an e-mail. Lily was loaded onto the salvage barge, and taken to the works for repairs. It remained a surprise for Thomas, and when Thomas came into the works for repairs following a collision with a BMW, the two had a touching reunion. Once Lily's restoration was complete, she set out to work on Thomas' Branch Line. Lily had a shock when she arrived at Tidmouth - it wasn't what she remembered.

The following day however, Lily had to be rescued by Percy due to a loose bolt in her cylinder. A few days later, she got held by Henry at Elsbridge. When Bear arrived, Lily used the term "stalled in a tunnel", confusing the Hymek. Later that afternoon, when Lily stopped to take on water at Knapford Sheds, she filled Henry and Bear in on what happened on the Arlesburgh Branch back in 1923, and blamed Henry for the whole incident. Despite Henry's apology and explaining his change, Lily refused to listen to reason, and still harbors irrational contempt against him.

In Season 2 of Sodor: The Modern Years, she had a role in Mistrust, which takes place back in the days of the Mid Sodor Railway and the time she still ran the Arlesburgh branch; in which she arrives slightly late at Lower Arlesburgh station; explaining the MSR's new engine: Andreas, that she had to wait for a passenger at Callan that tripped. Andreas dismisses this and tries to tell Lily other; saying that passenger trains are too important. Lily shields Andreas' argument back at him; asking him if passenger trains or his passenger trains were too important. Later on in the same episode, she nearly collides into Andreas upon approaching Arlesburgh station; the latter having been pushed onto the tracks of the NWR by trucks. Lily reprimands Andreas, saying that this time he has gone too far.

Lily also had a small role in Percy's Post.


Lily is undoubtedly a responsible, reliable, and really useful engine. She has a caring side too, and prides her work so much that she tends to dislike engines who were (or are) irresponsible. According to Gordon, she always has been a 'proper lady'.


Lily was painted in the W&S standard maroon and gold livery with black wheels and golden borders and stripes. She formerly had W&S written on her tanks and 2 on her bunker in gold, but nowadays it was replaced by NWR and 16.


Lily is based on an 0-4-4T 'LSWR O2 class' steam locomotive, designed for the 'London and South Western Railway' by 'William Adams', his class was not built until 1889.





  • In Mistrust, her theme is Emily's from the Thomas and Friends TV series.
  • A new shed was given to Lily in Season 2 of Sodor: the Modern Years at the Ffarquhar Branch Line Sheds, which was made by WildNorWester.
  • Lily was originally developed as STEY/STMY's answer to 'Lady' from Thomas and the Magic Railroad. This can be seen in her name and livery, as well as her backstory.

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