Mervyn Burns
Mervyn Burns
Vital statistics
Position Director of Sodor Road Freight
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Arrested and behind bars
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes

Mervyn Burns was the director of Sodor Road Freight and is the final antagonist in Sodor: The Early Years. He was also a leader of the contraband smuggling operation between England and the Republic of Ireland.


Burns was cross at Hugh, a lorry who came in late after a traffic jam had made him stupidly wait longer and longer. Burns said that isn't an excuse to begin with and first arrived to speak to Douglas about his lorries being on time. He stormed off angrily before Douglas spoke to Hugh who befriended him afterwards. When Burns, a railway inspector and Stephen Topham Hatt came to see him, Burns introduced the two men to Hugh who confessed crashing into the bridge during a rainy night leaving a dented orange container on one of the trains causing Henry to be late. Hugh angrily spoke to director Burns about the bullying and the man said "HOW DARE YOU?!" in response. Douglas intervened definitely and the Fat Controller knew this also but said to director Burns that the Scottish engine is reliable after Burns said about his locomotive's angry talk at him.

When the Fat Controller said to the inspector that the investigation could be taken over to the police, director Burns fled to his car and sped off nearly hitting Oliver in the process. Oliver survived by calling his driver to stop the train and Burns got away in his red BMW before the Fat Controller spoke to the GWR tank engine that the company could be taken straight to the police. Charles West reported that Sodor Road Freight had a role in the accident, with the police raiding the warehouse finding thousands of contraband inside some shipping containers. Director Burns and his management team were arrested and behind bars charged with lying, the media stunt on Stephen Topham Hatt and contraband smuggling. Hugh was relieved that the director was behind bars and oversaw the raid on the warehouse itself.



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