Night Run
Night Run
Season One, Episode Nine
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 2nd April, 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Little Western Super Rescue
Night Run is the ninth episode of Season 1.


One evening, Thomas and Percy are waiting to take their mail trains. Next to Thomas is another mail train, and the engines are confused. James pulls up to it and he explains that The Little Western needs a mail run now. James does not want to do the job, and is rude to Thomas and Percy, who are furious with James. At Callan station, James is rough with the Mail Coaches, and ignores his driver's advice.

James arrives at Duck and Oliver's sheds. He is turned around and sets off for the return journey. Suddenly, a sudden jolt causes his tender to be uncoupled due to a damaged drawbar between his cab and tender. Oliver and Duck arrive to take the train on, with James being left in a siding.

The two engines arrive back and tell Thomas and Percy about James, who is left at Arlesburgh shed. The Fat Controller speaks to James about the mail train, telling him that Oliver will take over the train from now on.



  • BoCo is mentioned for the first time in this episode.
  • James' drawbar breaking between his cab and tender is similar to The Railway Series story, Fire Engine.


  • James' sad face is tilted to the left when the mail run is taken over and at the sheds in Arlesburgh.
  • Trainz junction arrows can be seen.