Old Tidmouth Sheds
Bad Water
The Old Tidmouth Sheds featuring the five tender engines.
Vital statistics
Type Engine Shed
Level One (six tracks each)
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Tidmouth, North Western Railway
Inhabitants Thomas, Alfred, Gordon, Edward, Winston and Henry

The Old Tidmouth Sheds is an engine shed that has six tracks instead of berths. It appeared in Bad Water, Suspicions and Little Western Legacy.

These sheds were in use until 1948, when the North West Railway was amalgamated into the newly-formed British Railways. BR built the new sheds at Knapford, and Tidmouth was downgraded.


In Bad Water, the Old Tidmouth Sheds was The Main Line engine shed in 1923 before the Knapford Sheds were built. Sir Topham Hatt I introduced Sir Charles Topham Hatt, his son, at age nine to Gordon from the newly formed London and North Eastern Railway. It was here Gordon was introduced to Thomas, Edward, Henry, Alfred and Winston. After the 1923 accident, the investigations and interviews conducted by the railway inspectors were set here.


  • In all scenes at Old Tidmouth Sheds, all of the engines use their SI3D 2006 models. Later episodes have them use their SI3D 2009 models.