Railway Series Portrait
Vital statistics
Position Co-Leader of The Little Western
Age 83 (later 84) as of 2018

Built in August 1934

Arrived on Sodor 1967
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 12' 6.25" (3.816 m)
Weight 46.25 imperial tons (41.3 Long Tons)

Oliver came to the Island of Sodor in 1967. He escaped from being scrapped. The Fat Controller said that he was perfect for The Little Western and let him stay.


When Oliver first came to the railway, he was supposed to meet all the engines but, he was held up. Duck did not like this and started to complain. He met Oliver at Tidmouth Hault and told him off for being late without giving Oliver a chance to explain. Later, Oliver was taking a passenger train and saw Duck on the sand and helped him. At the sheds at Callan, Oliver and Duck reconciled and Oliver explained why he was late. He had to rescue two injured workmen and Percy and Toby from a rock slide. He also pulled the mail train after James furiously had an accident with his drawbar and the job was completely offered to him as a main job.

Oliver was in On the Run and Escape, where he was telling Alice about his story of escaping scrap. He also appeared in Christmas Delivery, where he was helping a young woman to get to her husband for Christmas. He listened to the story of the Scottish twins' arrival on the island, meeting Alice over British Railways and some opinions of Sir Charles Topham Hatt, told James about Bear after the GWR tank engine met him in 1967 and spoke to Barry at Knapford station in 1985. After appearing in four episodes of Season 5, he appeared in the special Winds of Change where he and Gordon talked to Shane about their age which the Class 67 diesel was rudely remarking it as "unlawful". Oliver also appeared in two episodes of the first season of Sodor: The Modern Years, both of his appearances were cameos in the episodes, The Missing Engine and Homecoming.


Oliver is based on a GWR 1400 class locomotive. He was built in August 1934 and later rebuilt in 1959.



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  • In Season 1, Oliver's SI3D 2006 model was used, since it was the best model available at the time. At the beginning of Season 3, WildNorWester debuted a scratchbuilt model, which has been updated over time, including being "baked".
  • Oliver's model was the first one to be baked out of the engines during November and was the first released baked engine on WildNorWester's website.
  • Oliver has received his RWS colors in Season 1 of Sodor: The Modern Years.