Vital statistics
Position D4, formerly D400
Age 58 (as of 2018)

Built in 1960

Arrived on Sodor 1985, visited in 1984
Status Operational
Relatives D261
Physical attributes
Height 12' 10" (3.91 m)
Weight 149 imperial tons (133 long tons)
Patrick is a diesel who was borrowed constantly in the 1960s for the NWR until he was bought in 1985. Nowadays, he is a heavy goods engine on The Main Line.


In the 1960s, Patrick arrived on the railway to help with the work as Gordon is in need of repairs. The diesel took a goods train with the Scottish twins' freight service to reach the other side, but got stuck at Gordon's Hill which Donald had an accident at the rear and the diesel was reprimanded with limits and little weight on his rolling stock. In Tolerance, he took Douglas' branch line train when the Scottish engine had to take Percy to Crovan's Gate.

He later got angry at Diesel for being rude and wants to end the standoff right now for his friends to get inside Tidmouth Sheds. Diesel was later sent home by Sir Charles Topham Hatt who called British Railways on the telephone about the standoff.

He returned to the railway for passenger work and broke his injector along with another diesel, a Class 46 from Great Britain. Henry rescued the two diesels and sent them to the railway workshops to be repaired. The Fat Controller sent the Class 46 packing for being hostile to the mainline engines about diesel power on his railway. In Rescue Mission, Patrick was in London when he saw Gordon and talked to him about the way to Alice's railway shed. The Class 40 was supposed to take a passenger train at Barrow-in-Furness, but something was wrong with him and The Fat Controller changed the timetable to make Gordon head for London instead.

Henry arrived with the express twice to Barrow and Patrick who was overhauled for a year had met him to take the train to London. He helped with the NWR work afterwards including a speaking role with Toby about his witness account of a girl being injured in the leg by a bad driver in the forty-ninth and first episode of Season 5, A Stranger in Need. He also asked Rusty if he was a "one of a kind" diesel on the Skarloey Railway in One of a Kind, and in Desperate Times, he explains to Henry about a container train accident which caused Henry's Flying Kipper train to get delayed.

In Winds of Change, he defended himself and the other engines against Shane, as his class had been replaced by the latter. He appears in A Change of Scene with a non-speaking role, Tornado, The Missing Engine with a cameo appearance and Taking Care of Christmas.


Patrick is a British Rail Class 40. D261 is another member of this class.


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  • Patrick has the same face as Alfie the Excavator from the Thomas and Friends TV Series.
  • In Seasons 1-3, the model used for Patrick was Old Stuck-Up's as the former didn't have a model of his own until Season 4.
  • When Patrick was initially released, his NWR Green livery was released in the pack, essentially spoiling his addition to the NWR fleet.
  • Patrick arrived the final year his class was withdrawn, 1985. WildNorWester has confirmed that this means Patrick had a narrow escape from the scrapper's torch.

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