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Sprite by GBHtrain
Vital statistics
Position Norramby Branch Line Engine (formerly)
Age Died at age 31

Built in 1914

Arrived on Sodor 1922
Status Scrapped
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Weight 99 Tons
Simon was a big tank engine who came to help on the railway when Gordon was being repaired after his accident with some sleepers.


In 1923, Simon was sent to work on the Norramby Branch Line as punishment for his rude behaviour. He was reassigned to Main Line duties again after the branchline closed in 1935. With the outbreak of World War Two in 1939, Simon again was sent to work on the branchline due to increased war traffic at Norramby Harbor. He went missing in the early 1940s after the harbour was attacked by the Luftwaffe in an air raid until being scrapped in 1945.


WildNorWester's interpretation of Simon was based on an LB&SCR L class tank engine. This class was designed for express passenger work. They were later rebuilt into the Southern Railway N15X tender engine.



  • Simon's model is currently not modeled by Wildnorwester
  • WildNorWester had initial plans for a mini-series about Simon, but the idea was dropped.