Sir Nigel Gresley
Gresley in Bad Water.
Vital statistics
Position Chief Mechanical Engineer of the LNER
Age Died at 64

Born in June 19th, 1876

Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Passed away in 1941, aged 64
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight Not stated

Sir Nigel Gresley was the chief mechanical engineer of the London North Eastern Railway and is the designer of Gordon. He only appears in one episode of Sodor: The Early Years.


Sir Nigel Gresley only appeared in Bad Water. He came to see how Gordon's trial was going. He also wanted to find out if Sir Topham Hatt I wanted to extend his trial and, if the Controller wanted to buy him for the railway, take a 4-6-0 as part payment.

Sodor: The Modern Years

In the episode Doncaster Drawn, Gordon told Tornado that Gresley sold him to the NWR right after the 1923 grouping.

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  • As the episode Bad Water takes place in 1923, Gresley doesn't receive his knighthood until 1936. In the episode, he was called Mr. Gresley.