Sir Topham Hatt I
Sir Topham Hatt I
Vital statistics
Position First controller of the NWR
Age 76

Born in 1880

Arrived on Sodor Before 1922
Status Deceased in 1956 aged 76
Relatives Sir Charles Topham Hatt (son; deceased)
Sir Stephen Topham Hatt (grandson)
Bridget Hatt (granddaughter)
Richard Topham Hatt (great-grandson)
Charles Nicholas Hatt (great-grandson)
Emily Helen Hatt (great-granddaughter)
Physical attributes
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight Not classified

Sir Topham Hatt I is the first Fat Controller and the father of Sir Charles Topham Hatt. He was the manager of the NWR until 1954 and appeared in a few episodes of Sodor: The Early Years. His attire is a black top hat, black suit with tie, grey pants, black shoes and a yellow button-up shirt with a collar. He is the grandfather of Sir Stephen Topham Hatt and Bridget Hatt, and great-grandfather of Richard Topham Hatt, Charles Nicholas Hatt and Emily Helen Hatt.


Following his name being mentioned in The Missing Engine, he appeared in the episode Consequences. He told Lily that Henry will not be available to take mainline services in the foreseeable future and she had heard it from Winston who tried to get Henry's train out of the tunnel, but to no avail. With the green tender engine out of action, Lily was asked to look after his trains because of lateness from The Fat Director's main core of engines. Colin will help out on Lily's branch line while she is doing Henry's duties on the mainline. After talking to Colin, Lily went onto the mainline to do Henry's trains for the moment. She spoke to The Fat Director about Colin's competence and he said that the saddle tank engine will be careful with working hard on The Little Western with both coaches and trucks.


His first appearance was in Bad Water where he first introduces Gordon and his son, Sir Charles Topham Hatt at the Old Tidmouth Sheds in 1923 to the other engines. He later meets Gordon's chief mechanical engineer, Sir Nigel Gresley at Knapford station after stepping off a carriage on Alfred's passenger train. He later suspects carelessness of both Gordon and Alfred by sending King George V's railway inspectors to investigate. Alfred the B12 was later found out about the accident. This happened in the episode, Suspicions.

He makes a return in Little Western Legacy where he instructs Thomas to learn how a station pilot can run a branch line and tries to do it impressively. He had Lily, Winston, Adam, Colin and Roger on his railway before some of them were actually scrapped under the orders of Sir Topham Hatt I and some railway inspectors who came to the railway with him on the last day of their own railway service.




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