Sodor: The Early Years
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date 2011-2013
Location Australia

Sodor: The Early Years is a series that captures the heart and emotion of everyone including the engines and personnel working on the Island of Sodor. It takes place around the time of the books in the Railway Series and the early days of the television series. It is continued by Sodor: The Modern Years.


Season 1

The first season features twelve episodes based around the 1946-1952 era (Running Solo and New Beginnings) and the 1960's (all other episodes) or the 1960s and 1970s on the Island of Sodor. Two episodes feature the Skarloey Railway and ten episodes feature the North West Railway. Only one episode, Special Delivery didn't make it here as the tenth episode of this season.

Season 2

The second season features six episodes based in the 1967-1969 era/1981. Three episodes feature the Arlesdale Railway, two episodes on the NWR and one episode on the Skarloey Railway. 

Season 3

This season features eighteen episodes based in 1973/1983. Many have been featured on all railways mentioned above in both seasons one and two. One episode called Tenders and Trouble which was to feature both Jock and Frank was cancelled by WildNorWester at the last minute to have at least eighteen episodes instead of nineteen.

Season 4

This season features thirteen episodes based in 1974/1984 with the last one being feature-lengthened in 1957. Following the feature-length is a mini-series based on Barry the Rescue Engine. Two episodes, Fallen Flag and Henry's Forest were both cancelled by WildNorWester, but did not make it towards the fourth season of Sodor: The Early Years.

Season 5

Season 5 is the last season of Sodor: The Early Years. This takes place a decade after the fourth season following an original plan to put it in 1983/1993. This is the first one to feature voice actors for their roles except one who started doing the female characters since Season 1.

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