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Sodor: The Modern Years is the series that follows on from Sodor: The Early Years.


Following season 2, there will be three mini-series', presented in a format similar to Barry the Rescue Engine and the Railway Series books. These will be Couriers and Concerns, Adeline the Phantom Engine and Tinkerbell the Foreign Engine. There will also be a feature length special called Enterprising Engines.

Following the mini-series', there will be two more seasons of STMY.



  • There were a few changes made on the North-West Railway in the time between it and Sodor the Early Years:
    • ​The Main Sheds were expanded to ten berths.
    • Containerization was implemented, and a new Container Yard was built.
    • Tidmouth Yards were upgraded.
    • New stations, such as East Knapford were built.
    • In 1996, Peter was rescued (chronicled in Locomotives and Legends), and put into service on the mainline.
  • For seasons 1, 2 and 3, the borders of the title sequence will be colour-coded as follows:
    • Stories set on the NWR will have a aquamarine border.
    • Episodes on the Skarloey Railway will have a red border.
    • Episodes on the Arlesdale Railway will have a 'Jock yellow' border with white lettering.
    • Mid-Sodor Railway stories will have a brown border.
    • Harwick-Cregwir tramway episodes shall have a navy-blue border.