Vital statistics
Position Mixed-traffic tank engine; working on The Bluebell Railway
Age One hundred and eight
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Stepney is a London, Brighton and South Coast Railway A1X (rebuilt in 1912) who came to the Island of Sodor in 1963 for a visit in a few days during the eighteenth book, Stepney the Bluebell Engine which was named in honour to the Bluebell Railway's steam locomotive.


In Bluebells & Batsmen, he came to Tidmouth passing by Douglas and Percy to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Stepney the Bluebell Engine which this episode is based on. He was cheered on by a large crowd at the train station. When he arrives at Tidmouth Sheds, Diesel meets him and Stepney tells the BR Class 08 shunter about his brother's survival and Alfred the B12 on the Bluebell Railway. Stepney's Controller came with Sir Charles Topham Hatt, asking Stepney to take a goods train to Arlesburgh West.

After a chase involving Caroline, Donald brings a flatcar for the ancient vehicle and Stepney took her back to the cricket field. He also likes pulling trucks and ends with a question that if the island had been raining like the storm that Henry mentions at the end of this episode.

Following that episode, he is mentioned in First Impressions and has a cameo appearance in Storm Report at Crovan's Gate station with a medical train Sir Handel mentions if any passengers had been injured during the storm. The train was managed by Sir Charles Topham Hatt.


As mentioned earlier, Stepney is based on an LB&SCR A1X.



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