Testing Times
Season Barry the Rescue Engine, Episode Two
Vital statistics
Air date Friday 12th April, 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Testing Times is the second episode of the mini-series Barry the Rescue Engine. It is released as the fiftieth episode overall.


Barry's restoration is well underway, and he is able to meet all of the engines. Edward and Patrick keep him up to date on the North West Railway and the Other Railway respectively, as well as the latter recently being bought by the NWR. One morning, Geoff takes 78018 outside to a large water tower where The Fat Controller tells him that they are going to conduct a boiler test on him If it succeeds, then Barry will be able to move under his own power again. The boiler test is to take place over the next two days, with the volunteers and Sir Charles Topham Hatt taking it in turns to watch the boiler pressure.

Around 10:00 am the next day, 78018's boiler pressure is about 100 PSI, when one of the volunteers, named Matthew, calls out that there is no more water left in the tower. The volunteers begin to worry as this would cause a huge disruption to the boiler test, but luckily Alice arrives at the station. Geoff takes her train to Knapford, while Alice transfers some of her water to 78018 while the volunteers fill the water tower back up with water. Alice talks to 78018 about how she was in a similar situation with her sister Mary, and how she was saved by the Great Northern Railway Preservation Society. 78018 is grateful for her reassurance, and tells her he doesn't actually have a name, and wishes to be called Barry. The water tower is eventually refilled and Alice leaves Barry with his thoughts.



  • Alice's flashback takes place in 1950. The station looks similar to Norbridge.
  • This episode marks Mary's last appearance to date.

Voice CastEdit

  • WildNorWester as the Narrator, Barry, Geoff, Sir Charles Topham Hatt, Mike Western, Mark Stephens and Matthew
  • ANB as Alice and Mary