The Little Western
Vital statistics
Type Branch line
Level Tier Three
Opened 1916; Re-Opened 1967
Closed Unknown
Location Tidmouth to Arlesburgh West
Inhabitants *Duck

The Little Western, also known as the Arlesburgh Branch Line or Duck's Branch Line, is the line that runs from Tidmouth to Arlesburgh West, where it connects to the Arlesdale Railway. It was first built in 1916.


It first appeared in the season 1 episode, Great Western where the engines are waiting for Oliver to return from being repaired at the works after Douglas had saved him, but he didn't show up. Oliver met Duck at Tidmouth Hault, and Duck was bitter with him for being late.

In Little Western, the engines are in the Shed when Oliver explains to Duck about why he was late. It also appeared in Night Run, Decisions, Christmas Delivery, Harvest Season, Grand Opening and Useful Engines. In Little Western Legacy, it is the unnamed branch line that Thomas works on in the flashback to teach him how to run a branch line.