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Railway Series Portrait
Vital statistics
Position Main passenger engine of the Ffarquhar Branch Line
Age 104 (as of 2019)

Built in 1915

Arrived on Sodor May 1915
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 12' 8" (3.85 m)
Weight 52.75 tons

Thomas is a blue London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Billington E2 0-6-0T tank engine with extended tanks.


Thomas came to the island in May 1915 to be the station pilot at Vicarstown. In Little Western Legacy, eight years later, he was apprenticing Lily on how to run a branch line. He took charge of his own when he helped James after his accident on his first day.


Thomas is a cheeky little engine but has a heart of gold. He's always happy to help out with situations and enjoys running his branch line with Annie and Clarabel.


Thomas is painted in the NWR's standard blue livery with his number "1" in the standard yellow with red border.


Thomas is based on the Billington E2s that were built between 1913 and 1916 for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway in Southern England (No. 105, according to WNW's model). Thomas' valence is different to the other E2's, as his is straight but the other's are curved. This is due to a rebuild he had in 1960 after a foolish accident by going off to breakfast in a stationmaster's house.

Thomas mentions that he is the last of his kind in Winds of Change.

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  • Thomas received a brand-new model based on his RWS form in Season 1 STMY by WildNorWester. The new model comes in LB&SC Tuscan and NWR Blue, and also includes variants with and without splashers and a sloped buffer beam from before he crashed into the stationmaster's house. This was later re-scaled for Season 2 STMY when WildNorWester discovered he had built the model to dimensions larger than an E2.


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