Thomas' Branch Line
Vital statistics
Type Branch Line
Level Unknown
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location From Knapford to Ffarquhar
Inhabitants Thomas

The Ffarquhar Branch Line, also known as Thomas' Branch Line, runs from Knapford to Ffarquhar. Thomas received his branch line after rescuing James.


The Fat Controller awarded Thomas with the branch line. Thomas is helped on his branch line by both Toby and Percy.

Thomas and Toby have taken care of passenger services on the Ffarquhar branch while Percy (also helped by Toby) takes care of freight trains on the branch. Thomas' branch interchanges with the main line engines at Elsbridge and at Knapford.

Thomas often sees the big tender engines at Elsbridge because Gordon, James and Henry stops with the express at Elsbridge Junction. He meets Gordon pulling the Wild Nor' Wester or the express to the mainland. He meets both James and Henry at the junction with either passenger services that interchange with Thomas' trains for Ffarquhar. His line ends at Tidmouth and that is where Thomas, Percy and Toby sleep in their shed so that they don't have to travel to and from Tidmouth Sheds. Thomas has two faithful coaches called Annie and Clarabel plus Toby has his coaches, Henrietta and Victoria. Lily trained Thomas to work on his branch line on the Arlesburgh branch before he finally receiving his own branch line. Thomas passed it on this way of working to both Toby and Percy in respect.

In Homecoming, it is revealed that Lily was found from the sea and later restored at the steamworks. After, Emily Helen Hatt told her that she is to work on this branch with Thomas and the other engines. Later, she took one of Thomas' passenger trains from Tidmouth. Not long after she left the station, she felt a tickling in one of her cylinders. She then, broke down. Her crew called for an engine and Percy came to help her. He pushed her to Elsbridge and Toby took the train on from there.