Gordon and his express train at Tidmouth station.
Vital statistics
Type Capital city of Sodor
Level Tier Three
Opened 1910
Closed Unknown
Location North-western Sodor

Tidmouth is a station, town and is the terminus for the North West Railway main line and The Little Western.


Its first episode appearance was in the opening scene of Desperate Measures where Percy gets to the coal hopper with some Troublesome Trucks.

The station also got to be in it when Gordon was left on a siding after he broke down. It had made appearances fortunately such as Great Western where Duck passed Toby and Henrietta after leaving Tidmouth Sheds due to Sir Charles Topham Hatt's accidental mad stunt of Oliver being welcomed.

Tidmouth also appeared in On the Run and Escape which were the two-part episodes where Oliver tells Alice the story of his escape in 1967. Also here was Tidmouth Sheds where the main line engines such as James and Henry rest over here, but has a turntable. The Old Tidmouth Sheds had six straight lines for engines to rest inside. The new shed appeared many times, while the old one was in three episodes like Little Western Legacy for some important instance.