Vital statistics
Type Town
Level Tier Three
Opened 1870
Closed Unknown
Location South-western side of Sodor
Inhabitants Edward
Bill and Ben

Wellsworth is a town that is located at the foot of Gordon's Hill. The station is often referred to as Edward's station. It also works as a junction for the branch line towards Brendam.


Wellsworth was the station in Limits where Henry has to reach that station with Gordon's express train to tell the stationmaster there that Donald had been hit by the brake van's rear destroying his front buffer beam. The stationmaster called for the Breakdown Train and Duck was sent to help clear up the mess. Patrick who was behind all of the accident was reprimanded by The Fat Controller to know his limits. In Shakedown, Edward was going to be the victim of a crash when the Troublesome Trucks broke away from Percy knocking their guard off his brake van and attempt to crash into Edward at this station with Alice in hot pursuit like a police chase. Alice's inspector stopped the train by jumping into the brake van and braked hard as he could to let the runaway fail its mission.

Donald and Shane spoke to each other here when the class 67 hauled the express to Barrow-in-Furness. He talked about the signal supposing for him to go through at green, but it remained red. Donald spoke to him next saying that he must wait a bit longer and called Shane as "snobbish". Emily Helen Hatt later came in to deal with the problem.