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WildNorWester is the creator of Sodor: The Early Years and Sodor: The Modern Years. He is also the narrator and voices some of the characters from season 5 onwards. Before then, he did all of the voices, minus the female voices, which were done by ANB.


WildNorWester first started Sodor: The Early Years in February, 2011. After Barry the Rescue Engine, he switched to voice cast for Season 5. Aside from his videos, he is a content creator for the Auran game, Trainz and provides a great number of items seen in his series. He also appears in other people's YouTube videos. After Winds of Change he has decided to make his own models of the North Western engines and use them for his videos, instead of Si3D's models except for some that were commissions like Frank, Pip and Emma.

WildNorWester's delivery can be described as calm and relaxed, as opposed to the more upbeat narration of the TV series and other fan-made series.

Characters (season five onwards)


  • Before, Wildnorwester used to film the series with Trainz Simulator 2010, but now he uses Trainz: A New Era instead.

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