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This wiki is about the YouTube series' "Sodor: The Early Years" and "Sodor: The Modern Years", made by WildNorWester. We have everything about the series; episodes, characters, destinations, etc. Everyone is free to contribute, add and edit articles as you please. But remember: no spamming!

Please do not ask for the personal details of any of the cast members or staff. This is private information, and will not be given out. Persisting may result in being banned from the wiki.

Also, please do not ask about content releases. This includes both in comments on articles and in private messages to WildNorWester.

Posting comments asking for TV Series characters (e.g. Smudger, Murdoch, etc.) to be included will result in an instant ban and removal of said comments. This series is based off the Railway Series books, and no characters that originate in the TV series will ever be a part of it.

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